For only $AUD 159 you will get your own electronic guard dog. And it will protect your home 24 hours a day every day of the year!
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We have now quite some experience with the system. It fulfils 2 functions. The first is as an addition to the existing alarm. The existing alarm has only 4 movement sensors.

The barking dog alarm protects the back of the property. It does only one corner of the house, but that is enough. Burglars always look for unlocked doors, so they will wake the electronic dog.

The existing alarm will only work when the burglars are already inside. You could protect the existing alarm with contacts on all the windows, but would cost much more than the barking dog alarm.

The second function is that the barking dog alarm can be used while you are at home, because you cannot use the existing alarm for that.

We have it in the lounge and you don’t have to go there in the night.

This barking dog alarm is absolutely perfect and brilliant value for money. I hope this feedback will be useful, because it is the experience of a user who’s dealing with electronics all the time, not somebody who only tries to sell you something.”

Jake P, Auckland


We ordered one of your IntruderShield alarms after our neighbour had been burgled and I am so pleased that we did. It works extremely well and I feel a lot more secure.

Last night the dog started barking around 3 AM but stopped after a few moments. This morning we saw a police car up the street, and were told that the house there had been robbed. If it hadn’t been for your barking dog, I think it would have been ours instead. Just thought I’d let you know.

Derek B. Camberwell




I’ve just received your alarm and it is brilliant. I had a number of dogs over the years and this alarm is so realistic! It sounds absolutely authentic and acts exactly like a real dog. During the day when I’m home I switch the alarm to the sounds of the forest which is not aggressive but still it’s me know that someone is coming to the door. Thank you. I’ve now feel much more secure.

Janet F. Townsville.


I have purchased 2 Intruder Alerts due to a high incidence of juvenile break ins in our area. The sound of the dog barking is a good deterrent. Even friends have commented about our dog making them wary the first time they approached our house after setting the Intruder Alerts up. The company have given excellent responses to questions on product use and warranty claims!

Ian S, Pingelly WA


We were burgled two weeks ago and the policeman who came to take the details told us that the best protection was a guard dog, but failing that, there was a new electronic dog on the market that would be the next best thing to a Rottweiler. As he had said that burglars very often return once they know the layout of a house we found IntruderShield on the web and have had your alarm installed for a week now. It’s everything you claimed it to be and we can now sleep soundly without worrying that we will get a repeat performance because “Fido” is always on guard to let us know that prowlers are around.

Great product at the right price!

Bill J, Campbellfield


We love our IntruderShields – we’ve named them Bruno and Rex. Our house was broken into mid-December, so we have faith the IntruderShields will deter any future attempts. Thanks so much.

Robert D, Redcliffe


I have had my alarm for a week & already I feel safer. I was concerned about security but unable to have a dog due to lifestyle etc but also was not keen on, nor could I afford, the usual noisy & expensive burglar alarms.

My brother who already has the Intruder Shield suggested I purchase one which I did & I couldn’t be happier. No installation costs etc. Simply plugged it in, set the range with your easy to follow instructions & my new canine pal is alert & ready to protect me & my home. I love the remote control which allows me to move freely @ night, plus when I’m going out, ensure it’s on as I leave & simply switch it off as I return. How easy is that !!

Thank you again for your prompt service, attention to detail, & a simply wonderful product. I have already recommended it to my sister & a close friend.

Kerry S, Western Australia


We would like to express our total appreciation to both the security and peace of mind
that the IntruderShield Home Security System Guard Dog has made toward security at our home..
We have had our unit, which we engage on every occasion that we are away from home, since July ‘2016..
The unit is a simple deterrent to any approach to our property, is unobtrusive,simple to engage
from the remote unit and without doubt in our opinion is a huge step in property security..
We have no reservation in recommending this excellent security unit to any property owner whatsoever…

L & B, Langwarrin


The IntruderShield arrived today. Many thanks for the prompt delivery and the professional email communication you offer.

We feel very relieved to know that we can now go away for day or overnight trips and feel our home is very much more secure than it was before.

The IntruderShield is easy to set up and works perfectly.

Richard, NZ


We are very impressed with the product and will promote it at every chance. Also your customer service is first rate. Most companies would ignore our concerns but you and Joy tackled it head on. Well done and thanks

Phil G, Mernda


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IntruderShield Australia specialise in home security solutions including the IntruderShield™ Property Protector which operates as an efficient burglar alarm system for the residential market.

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