About The IntruderShield Alarm In Australia

We started this burglary alarm home security and prowler deterrent business because our manager purchased an earlier version of this security alarm system on a visit to the United States and found it incredibly user-friendly. So many friends and relatives visiting his house wanted to buy one that this business was created to fill this need.

We realised that homes were most vulnerable to burglars and prowlers at night when people were asleep and therefore had turned off their conventional alarms, as just walking to the toilet would set them off.

Also, no other burglar alarm systems we knew of would alert householders to prowlers and burglars BEFORE they actually broke in. Even if, like us, you already had a hard-wired system in your home, only the barking dog security feature on the IntruderShield™ home alarm could give you that peace of mind.

So we now have set up the IntruderShield burglar alarm and prowler alarm system in Australia, so that you can get bargain home protection that other burglar alarms cannot provide, and can relax in the knowledge that your home security protection is as versatile as it can possibly be.

ABN Number 21708643950

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