Safety Hints

1. Fit locks to every window around your house. Burglars love windows! And locks are easy to fit.

2. Your most vulnerable windows are sliding windows! Did you know that most of these can be “Lifted” out of their frames simply and easily with large glazier’s suction cups? To prevent this, your handyman can fit vertical pin-locks that slide up into the window frame. Once these are fitted – and they can be locked with a key – it stops the burglars’ ability to lift out the sliding doors. And an extra hint! When ordering the pin-locks, get the locksmith to adjust the keys so that one key can fit all the windows around your house. If you don’t do this, finding the right key for each window will drive you crazy!

3. Most houses have a man-hole so that tradesmen can get up into the roof, but these man-holes are also a godsend for burglars, who just lift your tiles and then drop down the man-holes. You can make their life much more difficult by getting your handyman to make a frame around the man-hole which can then be fitted with bolts, and locked with a padlock. – Security alarm

4. Most electrical stores now sell flood-lights with proximity sensors. They are ideal if installed around your house so that anyone snooping around your property sets them off. Also install them in or just outside your garage. These proximity lights are also a safety factor when you or your visitors approach your property at night.

5. But remember that, even if you have a wired-in alarm system, there is no better protection while you are asleep than your faithful IntruderShield watch dog. Unlike other dogs, he is awake and alert 24 hours a day, and constantly on the lookout for unwanted intruders. What’s more, he never needs feeding, walking, or brushing!

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