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The only accessory we strongly recommend our users to also purchase is a remote-control, on/off device of the type made for the disabled. Many electrical stores carry this, but you can also order it from us.

You will find that this on/off device is one of the most useful accessories imaginable, and rather than you having to go to the security alarm unit to switch it on each time, or go to the electrical power point which may be in an inconvenient place for easy switching on and off, the remote control is a brilliant piece of engineering that is particularly useful for the operation of the IntruderShield™ home alarms in apartments and commercial premises.

By setting the IntruderShield™ burglar alarm with the electric power switched off, and then walking out of range of our security alarm, and pressing the remote on/off switch, there is no risk of accidentally activating our burglar alarm. This is not so important in a house, but in an apartment or office it could confuse your neighbours, who you will probably want to alert that you are installing an IntruderShield™ security system, with the request that they investigate any activation of the burglar alarm.

We are offering this device on our website as a service, but they may also be available from your local electrical store. Please note that if you order one or more remote-control on/off device at the same time as you order your IntruderShield™, you will not incur any additional freight for this product. Freight is only applicable if you need to order the remote power device separately.


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