IntruderShield Security Alarm’s Advantages


1. Other home alarms only operate after a break-in. Our security alarm is the only one that gives you prior warning with the barking dog feature.

2. Other security alarms do not deter burglars – our IntruderShield home alarms will have them going elsewhere. SO, EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A HARD-WIRED HOUSE ALARM, ADDING AN INTRUDERSHIELD SECURITY ALARM WILL HUGELY ENHANCE YOUR PROTECTION !!!

3. If a prowler or stalker approaches your house, the IntruderShield’s home security sensor will alert you – and at the same time, hopefully send him running.

4. With other home alarm systems, people usually switch these off when they are asleep – and are at their most vulnerable. With IntruderShield’s security alarm system, you are protected night and day.

5. Other security alarm systems need wiring in – which makes them expensive and impossible to move to new premises. The IntruderShield security alarm system only needs plugging into a power point.

6. Other home alarms will simply activate a siren. The IntruderShield security system can be set in several ways – as a barking dog alarm – as a home or business premises security siren, or with the friendly ‘sounds of the forest’ that will advise of approaching friends or customers in homes or offices without aggressive sounds.

7. Whether you use our IntruderShield burglar alarms in your home, office, apartment, workshop or garage, or to give you extra protection while you are asleep, the small outlay of $159 may be the best investment in safety or security you have ever made.

8. The IntruderShield burglar alarm works on a sophisticated radar beam that penetrates bricks, glass, plastic, wood, etc. and can ‘see’ the approaching prowlers, burglars and stalkers. It will warn you at the same time as it scares off the ‘villains’.


Ordinary home security alarm systems can cost thousands of dollars. We offer you a credible alternative for the price of a meal for four at a reasonable restaurant, and you also don’t have to worry about paying an electrician to install our unique barking dog security system — — it just needs to be plugged in for years of trouble-free service.

And while the hard-wired burglar alarm units can cost you thousands, they do not offer the deterrent that our unit creates. And most home security systems cannot be left switched on when the household members retire at night.

When you want home security when you go to bed at night, simply set your IntruderShield™ burglar alarm on to the barking dog alarm sound, and go to bed, knowing that if anyone approaches your door you will be alerted immediately.

Remote On/Off Device Advantage

If you have a remote on/off device, you can even set the alarm without the dog starting to bark – ideal if you have someone asleep in the house already. In that case you only need to walk out of the alarm range, but to a point where you are not out of the range of the radio controlled power device, and click our home security system on as you walk away from the front door or the place where the alarm is located. This will activate the alarm, which you can then switch off with your remote control in the reverse manner when you wake up in the morning.

If you are using your IntruderShield™ burglar alarm to guard your business premises at night, and do not want to risk setting off the siren alarm, we strongly recommend the use of a radio-activated power device in such situations also.

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