How This Home Security Alarm Works

Because IntruderShield™ wireless alarm systems are fitted with a sophisticated, high-tech radar system and not with infrared movement sensors, the IntruderShield™ security alarm system will ‘see through’ brick walls, glass, wood, building materials, and almost any other material. So when it is hidden behind a pot-plant, a framed picture, the front door, a vase, or located in a cupboard, it will ‘see’ the intruder right through that material, but the intruder will not see it. When the radar beam of our security alarm senses the movement and bounces back, the unit will measure the distance and respond according to its setting.

Beautifully simple! Simply beautiful in deterring intruders and announcing visitors.

A house with an ordinary burglar alarm is at a tremendous disadvantage.

With normal burglar alarms, the break-in has to occur first!!! Only with the IntruderShield™ home security system do you get a real deterrent!!! Also, in a house or apartment with a normal burglar alarm, the alarm system is usually switched off while the household is asleep. With IntruderShield™ home alarms turned on at the front door or another selected position away from the bedroom area, you get this very important and meaningful protection.

And bear in mind, that even if you purchase a hardwired burglar alarm and pay a substantial amount for monitoring, all the monitoring company generally does when you are away is to phone you or appointees nominated by you and advise that a break-in is occuring. Because of legal complications neither a monitoring company or the police will enter your house without you or nominated person being there. And for this less-than-practical service you are billed an amount each year that, along with testing a hardwired system at intervals, will cost you more than the total price of your IntruderShield™ home security alarm.

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