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    Any policeman or security expert will tell you that, if any experienced burglar really wants to get into your house, he will do so, even if he has to drive a truck through the wall. But most burglars are canny enough to stick to houses that are least protected. So if you want to maximise the protection for your home here are some ideas that will help.

    1. Install an IntruderShield home alarm. Police advise that daytime burglars will almost always come to the front door and ring the bell. If you answer, they will pretend that they are looking for somebody else or have come to the wrong house number, but if there is no answer, then they know that the house is empty and they can get started. With an IntruderShield they hear the barking of a loud German Shepherd, and they will go elsewhere. A guard dog is, according to most law-enforcement agencies, the very best line of defence. And even if the burglars want to break-in at night, they will generally try to do so through the front door, because it is the easiest and fastest way of exit and escape. Even if you have a hard-wired alarm system, the IntruderShield is still the best protection, because most people switch their hard-wired alarm systems off at night as the movement sensors will set the alarm off if they go to the bathroom etc. So the IntruderShield is an excellent addition to your defences.

    2. Put key-locks on all your windows AND MAKE SURE THAT THESE ARE SHUT AND LOCKED WHEN YOU GO OUT. An unlocked window is an open invitation to burglars AND ALSO MAY VOID YOUR INSURANCE CLAIMS AFTERWARDS. Key-locks make sure that the windows cannot be easily jemmied open.

    3. If you are planning to be away from home for more than a day, arrange with friendly neighbours to clear your letterbox. Nothing is a bigger giveaway that you are on holidays than a letterbox crammed with mail and junk mail. For the same reason, make sure you cancel your newspapers.

    4. Protect your windows. If your home contains valuable or important items, you may want to consider protective shatterproof films over all your glass surfaces. The 3M company makes multi-layered window films that are invisible to the naked eye, but make the glass so strong that, even when shattered, do not allow a brick to be thrown through it. Google ‘protective window film’ for more information and your local installers. It is expensive to protect your house this way, but may be well worth it.

    5. Join Neighbourhood Watch. If you have an operating Neighbourhood Watch group in your area you will get constant updates on the latest security happenings in your suburb. Your local police station can give you information on Neighbourhood Watch contacts.

    6. Fit a dummy ‘surveillance camera’ over your front door and back door if you don’t want to go to the expense of buying the real thing. Burglars will not know if the surveillance camera is real or not, but they won’t want to take chances.

    7. Fit flood lights with motion sensors over potential points of entry around your property. These are also useful to light paths and access driveways so that you don’t have to come home in the dark.

    8. If you have a tiled roof, check to see which rooms in your house have ceiling manholes, and fit these with bolts so they cannot be opened by anyone lifting roof tiles and then trying to get down through the manholes in the ceiling.

    9. Install a dead-lock on your front and back door. A second dead-lock that has to be opened with another key and can be locked from inside and outside will slow down any burglar and make breaking in much more difficult for him/her.

    10. Install a strong security fly-wire door with dead-lock to all access doors on your house. This should be a type which can be snibbed from the inside so that, when you open the door to see who is there, a would-be intruder still cannot enter.

    11. Make sure that all doors are properly locked if you go out. If you leave a door unlocked – and it is surprising how many people do this when they are home – or forget to lock doors when you go out, it will automatically void your insurance policy in most cases. The more of the above precautions you put in, the more difficult you are going to make it for your burglar, and the more likely you are to deter him/her. But start with your IntruderShield. It’s your most reliable and most cost-effective burglar deterrent. Check it out on this website and get instant peace of mind about your home protection. You can order an IntruderShield right now for fast delivery.

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