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    Other burglar alarms are expensive to buy and install, and don’t go into action until a break-in occurs. Our $159 IntruderShield™ electronic guard dog, with its brilliant radar technology, protects your property while you are on holidays, when you are out and while you are asleep. And it only needs plugging in to a power point.When intruders and prowlers approach your house, they will hear a fierce guard dog and fear that it will attack them if they try to break in. When the prowler departs, the ‘agitated dog’ stops barking.

    Alternately, when you are home,you can set this device to friendly bird song and sounds of the forest which will still alert you to visitors,but not be aggressive. And you can also set our unit to first bark and then immediately produce the sound of a police siren.

    Adjustable volume.

    Sensitivity control. Installed in minutes.For indoor use only – 12 months warranty.
    Size 14 x 14.5 x 19 cms (5.9 x 5.12 x 7.48 inches)

    See an actual demonstration – Order online.
    IntruderShield™ enquiries –

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    Other home alarms only operate after a break-in. Our security alarm is the only one that gives you prior warning with the barking dog feature.

    Other security alarms do not deter burglars – our IntruderShield home alarms will have them going elsewhere. SO, EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A HARD-WIRED HOUSE ALARM, ADDING AN INTRUDERSHIELD SECURITY ALARM WILL HUGELY ENHANCE YOUR PROTECTION !!!

    If a prowler or stalker approaches your house, the IntruderShield’s home security sensor will alert you – and at the same time, hopefully send him running.

    With other home alarm systems, people usually switch these off when they are asleep – and are at their most vulnerable. With IntruderShield’s security alarm system, you are protected night and day.

    Other security alarm systems need wiring in – which makes them expensive and impossible to move to new premises. The IntruderShield security alarm system only needs plugging into a power point.

    Other home alarms will simply activate a siren. The IntruderShield security system can be set in several ways – as a barking dog alarm – as a home or business premises security siren, or with the friendly ‘sounds of the forest’ that will advise of approaching friends or customers in homes or offices without aggressive sounds.

    Whether you use our IntruderShield burglar alarms in your home, office, apartment, workshop or garage, or to give you extra protection while you are asleep, the small outlay of $159 may be the best investment in safety or security you have ever made.

    The IntruderShield burglar alarm works on a sophisticated radar beam that penetrates bricks, glass, plastic, wood, etc. and can ‘see’ the approaching prowlers, burglars and stalkers. It will warn you at the same time as it scares off the ‘villains’.

    How To

    Because IntruderShield™ wireless alarm systems are fitted with a sophisticated, high-tech radar system and not with infrared movement sensors, the IntruderShield™ security alarm system will ‘see through’ brick walls, glass, wood, building materials, and almost any other material. So when it is hidden behind a pot-plant, a framed picture, the front door, a vase, or located in a cupboard, it will ‘see’ the intruder right through that material, but the intruder will not see it. When the radar beam of our security alarm senses the movement and bounces back, the unit will measure the distance and respond according to its setting.

    Beautifully simple! Simply beautiful in deterring intruders and announcing visitors.

    A house with an ordinary burglar alarm is at a tremendous disadvantage.

    With normal burglar alarms, the break-in has to occur first!!! Only with the IntruderShield™ home security system do you get a real deterrent!!! Also, in a house or apartment with a normal burglar alarm, the alarm system is usually switched off while the household is asleep. With IntruderShield™ home alarms turned on at the front door or another selected position away from the bedroom area, you get this very important and meaningful protection.

    And bear in mind, that even if you purchase a hardwired burglar alarm and pay a substantial amount for monitoring, all the monitoring company generally does when you are away is to phone you or appointees nominated by you and advise that a break-in is occuring. Because of legal complications neither a monitoring company or the police will enter your house without you or nominated person being there. And for this less-than-practical service you are billed an amount each year that, along with testing a hardwired system at intervals, will cost you more than the total price of your IntruderShield™ home security alarm.

    Remote Control On/Off Device


    The only accessory we strongly recommend our users to also purchase is a remote-control, on/off device of the type made for the disabled. Many electrical stores carry this, but you can also order it from us.

    You will find that this on/off device is one of the most useful accessories imaginable, and rather than you having to go to the security alarm unit to switch it on each time, or go to the electrical power point which may be in an inconvenient place for easy switching on and off, the remote control is a brilliant piece of engineering that is particularly useful for the operation of the IntruderShield™ home alarms in apartments and commercial premises.

    By setting the IntruderShield™ burglar alarm with the electric power switched off, and then walking out of range of our security alarm, and pressing the remote on/off switch, there is no risk of accidentally activating our burglar alarm. This is not so important in a house, but in an apartment or office it could confuse your neighbours, who you will probably want to alert that you are installing an IntruderShield™ security system, with the request that they investigate any activation of the burglar alarm.

    We are offering this device on our website as a service, but they may also be available from your local electrical store. Please note that if you order one or more remote-control on/off device at the same time as you order your IntruderShield™, you will not incur any additional freight for this product. Freight is only applicable if you need to order the remote power device separately.


    I’ve just received your alarm and it is brilliant. I had a number of dogs over the years and this alarm is so realistic! It sounds absolutely authentic and acts exactly like a real dog. During the day when I’m home I switch the alarm to the sounds of the forest which is not aggressive but still it’s me know that someone is coming to the door. Thank you. I’ve now feel much more secure.

    Janet F. Townsville.

    We love our IntruderShields – we’ve named them Bruno and Rex. Our house was broken into mid-December, so we have faith the IntruderShields will deter any future attempts. Thanks so much.

    Robert D, Redcliffe

    The IntruderShield arrived today. Many thanks for the prompt delivery and the professional email communication you offer.

    We feel very relieved to know that we can now go away for day or overnight trips and feel our home is very much more secure than it was before.

    The IntruderShield is easy to set up and works perfectly.

    Richard, NZ

    We are very impressed with the product and will promote it at every chance. Also your customer service is first rate. Most companies would ignore our concerns but you and Joy tackled it head on. Well done and thanks

    Phil G, Mernda

    Architecture & Design Australia

    IntruderShield Australia specialise in home security solutions including the IntruderShield™ Property Protector which operates as an efficient burglar alarm system for the residential market.


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