Barking Dog Home Alarm Security System


It has come to our attention that some look-alike copies of our alarms that have been produced for American and foreign 110 Volt markets are being offered on the web. These units are fitted with American plugs and were made for the US market, and may cause electrical faults, fires, and other problems. Similarly, units from England are specifically designed and wired for the UK, and do not comply with Australian regulations, and so insurance companies may not pay out fire claims caused by their units for that reason.

Only the genuine IntruderShield barking dog alarms are – –

– specifically made for the Australian/NZ market and for Australian/NZ conditions
– have factory-built Australian/NZ plugs and wiring
– offer a remote radio -controlled on off switch as part of the product pack
– carry a full and unconditional 12 months replacement warranty from IntruderShield in Australia/NZ and are delivered to your door by trackable Australia/NZ Post service anywhere in Australia or New Zealand

ONLY IntruderShield WARNS YOU OF A BURGLAR OR PROWLER BEFORE HE BREAKS IN, and our system’s fierce barking guard dog WILL SCARE OFF THE BURGLAR BEFORE HE/SHE ACCESSES YOUR HOUSE, and the barking sound of our alarm will warn you at the same time.


Click the demonstration scenario above and see exactly how it works! This $159 is arguably the best investment in home security anyone can make.


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Any policeman will tell you that the best burglar alarm is one that stops a burglar in his tracks BEFORE he actually breaks in. And he will confirm that the best way to do this is to own a fierce guard dog. But guard dogs need feeding, grooming, walking. And they also need to sleep. So they cannot be on guard 24 hours seven days a week.

For only $159 you will get your own electronic guard dog. And it will protect your home 24 hours a day every day of the year!

When a burglar approaches your house he will hear the bark of a large, angry, German Shepherd guard dog. Even if he is drunk or drugged, he will not want to confront that! So he will move off before breaking into your house. It will be much easier for him to look for homes that are less well-guarded!

There are many examples where an area has been consistently burgled but the homes with IntruderShield home alarms and with real guard dogs have been completely immune. No burglar is stupid enough to tackle a large, angry, guard dog if he can avoid it.

Our alarm system has been specially designed for Australian and New Zealand conditions. It comes with a full 12 months replacement guarantee. Our after-sales service will also help you should assistance be required.

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